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Something About Me

Meme 7Hi, Douglas here.

First of all, thanks for taking the time to visit my site. I guess you may want to know a bit more about me.

Well, these are some of the highlights of my internet journey (nothing too dramatic…):-

  1. 2004 – Was the 1st time I heard the term “make money online“.  Before that, all I did on the internet was to surf the net looking for information, playing games online and of course, emailing.
  2. At that time, I was at the crossroad of my working life (having left an international company after 13 years) and was looking for other opportunities. I attended previews of various methods of earning $$. These included property, stock trading and multi level marketing.
  3. One of these previews included one that wrote the book “Make Money Online In Your Pajamas“. That was really the 1st time I get to see what are the possibilities of doing some business online.
  4. But I finally decided to start my own pet practice. Believe it of not, I am a veterinarian by training.  So I started a vet clinic. Since I was so busy with the setting up and running the day to day operation, this making money online thing was put in the back burner.
  5. 2008 – When the clinic was more established, that was the time I decided to dabble again in this internet thingy. I was really a green horn .  Bought some books, read them….applied. Attended too some classes on blogging.
  6. Lots of people that joined me dropped out after some time for various reasons. One of the gurus tell me that only 2% remain interested in most cases and that really shocked me!!! I try to figure out why this happens because I know that if I do know the reasons, then I can avoid being one of the “casualties”. I guess I did….because I am still here!!
  7. 2014 – I sold off the pet practice and now I am doing this “semi” full time. I like the idea of traveling and living off the grid, especially when the kids have their own life. Just with a laptop and internet connection I am in business.
  8. Information products…that is where my interest lies. This, to me is the easiest business model as compared to others such as selling physical products. My products also focuses on newbies because I was there once before and I notice that it is so hard to start when you do not even know where to look.
  9. Apart from my rambling, you will also find some products that I recommend…..and usually these are the same products that I have purchased and used. I do earn some commission if you buy through my link. But my aim is to add value to every visitor that frequent this site.
  10. So, that is a bit about me….Enjoy